Special rates for advertising in the very first 2021 edition of Steampunk’s very own web magazine – “Steampunk 2021”

1/2 Horizontal of A4 Page: £10 (4 Available)
Full Vertical A4 Page: £15 (2 Available)
1 Full A3 (Double) Page: £25 (2 Available)

Note:- Adverts can be created for you using text images provided (Preferred) or submitted as images sized to above formats – Highest Resolution Possible Please – Ideally 300 DPI

New: Steampunk 2021 Classified Ads!
Title with 50 words of text and 1 hyperlink for only £5.00
Title with 75words of text and 2 hyperlink for only £7.50

Payment by Paypal

All Material/Images submitted via email or WeTransfer

Get in touch via the Contact Form for further information or to discuss the options available!